Chapter 2


In the last part of chapter 2, the writer comes up with the other five forces which flattened the world. The eighth force is “Insourcing,” which means businesses use their Core Competency (Prahalad, C. K.) to collaborate with their supply chain or develop their competitive advantage to be another tool to earn money. The writer uses United Parcel Service (UPS) to be an example to explain how it works. I do like the topic “What the Guys in Funny Brown Shorts Are Really Doing,” which is what I wondered before. Before reading the chapter, I did not know so many surprisingly interesting inside stories of UPS. Because they are not just delivering packages, they have become the expert of logistics. For example, they helped Toshiba to solve the problem of late repair process and helped its customer P&H without looking deep inside its business and then into its suppliers' businesses-what boxes and packing materials they were using. Moreover, they successfully collaborate among eBay sellers, UPS, PayPal, and eBay buyers. UPS synchronize global supply chains which is the force to flatten the world.


Chapter 5&6


Again, it is kind of a warning to Western world to notice a newly risen force from India and China . Especially, chapter 5 and chapter 6 focus on the influence on America. The writer mentions that American parents should tell their children that they will face intense competition from foreigners in their own land. In my opinion, this warning might indicate the truth, however many Americans never think about it. On the other hand, I don’t think the world is really flat now or it will become actually flat in the future. Since I grew up in Asia , I have different view with American. How to overcome the language barrier is the primary challenge. People from China might wonder why Chinese can not be the main language, since Chinese is the most part of the population in the world. Even though it is kind of paradoxical issue, I know most Asia people still struggle to learn English, and they still keep playing a role to stimulate the world to become flatter.




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  • 安迪 雷克 劉
  • <p>My dear, don't you think this topic is tooooooo academic?? I don't think there will be anybody cares about how flatter the world is..doesn't even feel about it. Most of the Americans who lives in the middle of America are complacency. Passing through two World Wars without a single bomb dropped on their land makes them think they are unbreakable but actually they are not. So when they are observing the world from they little tiny tiny eyes (most of them are FAT), they can not see the truth.</p>